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No end of year scrambling…
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Complete CEU Requirements in just two days in the convenience of your home or office. 

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No falling alseep in cold rooms…
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Learn new and interesting topics and ideas, and perspectives relative to the changing trends and needs in design. 

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No need-to-know CEU requirements …
No self-reporting…

Learn new and interesting topics and ideas, and perspectives relative to the changing trends and needs in design. 

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Are you looking to inspire a live audience?

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We partner with leading companies, industry partners and organizations that want to explore and deliver our training solutions to their clients and team members. Through this collaboration, we help our partners increase their knowledge, obtain practical industry applications, and elevate health, safety, and wellbeing
to change people’s lives for the better.


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“Please keep me on your mailing as I plan on attending all of your seminars for my credits!! Thanks again!”

“That was the first set of seminars in quite a while that I felt like I was really learning!”

“Thank you for a terrific day! We both feel like we gained a thorough overview to many subjects which are close to our hearts both professionally and personally.”

“I enjoy so much the real life experiences that you and Donna share with us! It truly helps to bring it home in my mind!”

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All CEUs and Seminars are currently conducted online.
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